Paper Trades Report for Sep 20, 2018

As soon as the market opened, all strong stocks started moving higher. Sell to close signals for $CRM and $HCA Call positions, that were opened yesterday, came early in the morning. Since there were no substantial pull back system generated one Buy To Open signal for $HAS.

Paper Trades Report for Sep 19, 2018

Market was within trading range today. This condition is ideal for our short term ATM Call trading System. System generated 6 Buy to Open and 3 Sell to Close signals.

Paper Trades Report for Sep 17. 2018

Market was very week today. Hence new positions were opened.

Home Depot (HD) and Sherwin Williams (SHW) Trades

These two call positions were closed at high of the day. Following table gives details of the trades.

Strong Stocks & Trading Results for Sep 13, 2018

Market Today

All indices gapped up at open. Since our system depends on short term pull back there was no trade entry opportunities in the morning. But as the day progressed some strong stocks started pulling back.

Trade Exits

There was an overnight call position in COST. That was closed at high of the day.

Trade Entries

Three call positions were entered today in Costco (COST), Home Depot (HD) and Align Technology, Inc (ALGN). Since sell to close signal have not yet triggered, they are going to be carried overnight.

Strong Stocks & Trading Results for Sep 12, 2018

Market is still listless. The opportunities that are coming up are good for very short term trades.

Today system generated

  1. 3 Buy To Open Signals (ISRG, ILMN and COST) and
  2. 2 Sell To Close Signals.(ISRG and ILMN)


Following table gives details of the trades

  1. Symbol
  2. Option Strike Prices
  3. Bought Price and 
  4. Sold Price

Paper Trades Report for the week ending Sep 7, 2018

Change In Trade Signal Posting on Twitter/Stocktwits

As there were several requests we decided modify the way we were sending out the signal on Twitter and Stocktwits 

  • An advance notice of potential signal will be posted when a certain threshold is hit.
  • No details of calls (Strike, Price etc) will be posted. 
  • Only SYMBOL and BUY/SELL signal will be provided.

Once the market is closed hypothetical trades for following instruments will be published

  • ATM Call (50% Delta)
  • OTM Call (around 25 % Delta)
  • DITM Call (Close to 100% Delta)

Paper Trades Report for Sep 06. 2018

ISRG and ILMN Call Trades (Overnight positions)

When market opened, both ILMN and ISRG gapped up. Since we had ovenight paper positions, as accumulated gain was greater than 20% postions were closed out. After that there were no opening trade signals. At one point it looked like System would trigger BUY signal for SHW. But it did not.


GOOGL Call Trade

GOOGL Call  position will expire worthless with high probability.

Paper Trades Report for Sep 05. 2018

When market indices go negative, strong stocks are the once that get hit badly.

Anthem Call Trade

ANTM opened with a gap up.

  • Our gain greater than 20% rule kicked in.
  • Position close signal triggered.
  • All calls (ITM, ATM & OTM) did pretty well with 44.23%, 100% and 133.33% respectively.